Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Feeling blue? Try a bowl of blueberries to lift your mood By Claire Murphy

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Consuming flavonoid-rich foods such as wild blueberries can have a significant positive effect on young people's mood, a university study has identified. In two trials published in 'Nutrients', children and young people consumed a drink containing wild blueberry or a matched placebo and were asked to rate their mood. In both trials, they recorded a big increase in positive mood. Professor Shirley Reynolds, expert in adolescent mental health and director of the Charlie Waller Institute, said: "Sustained low mood is a problem that is common at all ages and is a core feature of depression," she said. "This research is important because it suggests that including flavonoids as part of a healthy mixed diet might help prevent low mood and depression." Previous research has shown wild blueberries can improve cognitive function in primary school children. The Irish Independent