Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Photo Credit: Dunkin' Donuts
It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks since my last 'Notes' posting. Suddenly January's brain fog vanished, replaced by renewed energy for language study, book reading, and blogging. Friends and family are beginning their travels already, early Spring, but I'm staying put for awhile to work on savings and language studies. I read a series of books by Jeffrey J. Fox, motivating but rather simplistic. Good reminders though, especially for our youth starting out in business. Still reading a Bavarian author, and will be venturing into another book. Both foreign language books. I can't say I'm completely fluent, but I definitely can say there is a good amount of comprehension, and there's always going to be new words to learn, if my bilingual dictionaries are 1200 pages each. German radio has been very entertaining. Such a nice mix of music. Occasionally tune-in to internet radio. Making some preliminary plans for my 50th birthday rolling in next year. I plan on a celebration in Germany. Can't say when I'll be back to the States. German politics has suddenly gotten rather quiet, since Aschermittwoch and instead the political focus has been rather Holland's election of the House of Representatives and in April, France's election of President. Still some lengthy discussions about Turkey, which spin round and round; same topics as when I was teaching at University with no resolve, predominantly, "Turkey and the EU". Spring flowers are sprouting in the garden, snowdrops included, and seems as though the weather in Germany will stay Spring with temps in the 50s. Hope everyone is enjoying warmer weather in North America, as I hear Central America seems to have a balmy 80s - everyday. Been fasting for Lent. Have lost a total of 2kg so far. And will fast even more at Passover, eve of April 10 -- no wheat which means no bread, no pasta. And different Jewish groups have their take on Oats, Rice, Beans, Lentils, for example. I think it's important to honor Jewish dietary laws, with moderation. I'm not a fan of extremes. I think people should use their best judgment of their personal situation and level of commitment. "Beauty and the Beast"/2017 is a spectacular movie I recommend. Each character, remarkable. Emma Watson at her best as Belle. Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday, Easter & Passover. Tschüs !!