Monday, May 2, 2016

U2's The Edge rocks the Sistine Chapel

(ANSA) - Rome, May 1 - U2 guitarist The Edge on Saturday became the first rock musician to play in the Sistine Chapel. The Edge was in Rome for a Vatican conference on regenerative medicine, some of whose attendees were the lucky audience for the first rock mini-concert to grace the location of Michelangelo's immortal frescoes, which had previously only heard Gregorian chant and the Pontifical Choir.
Videos of The Edge were posted by fans on Facebook and Twitter. His Sistine set included three U2 songs, "Yahweh", "Ordinary love" and "Walk on", and the Leonard Cohen number "If it be your will". life in italy Photo

Op-Ed. Was just at the Sistine Chapel in January. Couldn't imagine a rocker playing music there. The scene is so much of art and holiness. Isn't the Sistine Chapel where the Cardinals congregate to vote for a new Pope ? Well Pope Francis wears a different hat than previous popes and supports pop culture, and pop 21st Century cultural issues. And it's such a journey to get to the Sistine Chapel, they probably heard U2's The Edge well through the corridors, and probably shocked some tourists. The epitome of politeness of the Papacy.  Well done !!