Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy 90th Birthday Dad - May 2

Homemade Pizza with homemade pizza dough, and Julia Child's Caramel Custard, aka, Flan Caramel.

Op-Ed. Flan. No need to cool the pan with syrup in water, instead, just pour the syrup in the ramekins or custard mold, while the syrup is still liquid. As it cools it hardens to candy. Careful. It's okay if the syrup hardens slightly in the ramekins, it'll heat up again in the oven. Baked in ramekins clustered in a roasting pan surrounding the ramekins with 2/3 hot water, 40 minutes 350/180 oven. Cooking sugar with water eliminates a burnt taste, but cook syrup till it's a light caramel color. Could take 20 minutes at low heat. Also, worked with whole milk for the recipe, and might try adding some cream. Gelled beautifully.