Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz

Germany's choice, Ghost - Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Jamie-Lee Kriewitz (born 1998) is a German singer who is best known for winning season five of The Voice of Germany. She will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 on 14 May 2016 with the song "Ghost".  Kriewitz was born in Bennigsen near Hanover, Germany. At the age of twelve, Kriewitz joined the gospel choir Joyful Noise. Her father plays the drums, however the rest of her family is not musical. Kriewitz has a preference for the Japanese Decora kei fashion style and for South Korean K-pop, with her favorites being the Korean boyband Block B. Generally fond of Korean culture, she originally intended to pursue a degree in Korean studies. Living vegan since 2012, Kriewitz participated in the "Vegan life is the best life" campaign of animal rights organization PETA. Photo Wikipedia