Sunday, February 5, 2017


Photo Credit: Mike Jones Hunt
The Passau weather is improving to 40°F today. Thawing, but snow is not quite melted. Still a chill in the air. Baked a pizza on the blech with mushrooms, shrimps and Emmentaler cheese and a sprinkle of oregano. (You can get Emmentaler at Polish Delis). Box dough/sauce, but still a nice dinner and a break from real cooking.  Mom had Egg Beaters and fat-free bacon for breakfast. Germans wouldn't have any idea what fat-free bacon is. Cooked breakfast with coincidentally eggs and bacon -- (oops), and a breakfast teller of cheeses. Considering cake baking sometime soon. Although diet is going remarkably well.  Diet and exercise ... have lost 1 kg since Christmas. That would be one main meal a day, followed by a dinner soup with veggies and 1-1/2 hours of walking per day.  Everyone who knows me knew I was a thin girl in high school, but age has caught up with me, and can't keep weight off. But hey, a kg. Making progress. Even jeans are starting to feel a lil roomy. It's been a very slow January. Not too much happening. Language courses starting. Just about done reading a children's book. Prayers for some friends who are battling illness and surgeries. Listened to a live recording of Bruckner. Decided I'm not a fan. I'm more in step with Beethoven, Mozart, and Schubert. The lil hund will get her monthly check-up and I'll see how much weight she has lost. She's been walking a half-hour a day, and enjoying her chicken, tomatoes, beans, carrots, and later this week, kraut. A favorite restaurant is closed for Winter Solstice, possibly a reopening for Germany's Fasching, also known as Carnival, which will be end of February. TV has some new shows starting, "The Voice Kids" and "Heidi Klum's Germany's Next Top Model".  A couple of books arriving on Monday, which I hope are worthwhile, and Angela Merkel is nudging me. No travel plans. Will be investing in a new car. No comment about Trump. I'm a kinda 'wait-n-see' and 'hope for the best' approach. Checks and balances hopefully will keep things stable.  Germany will have elections later in the year for Chancellor which will be decided by The House.  Sonst, just been cooking a lot, and baked a batch of homemade brownies with toasted pecans and date pecan blondies for Choir Birthdays. My new/old role for Choir is Chronik, a.k.a 'Scribe'. I will document Choir Events/Music with photos and text. I hope everyone is managing what life offers, facing challenges with confidence, and having gratitude for God's blessings. Peace.