Friday, February 24, 2017

German tour operators see an increase in Greek bookings

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Germany’s tour operators say current bookings show an increased demand for Greece this summer and countries of the Western Mediterranean, according to a report by Deutsche Welle on Thursday. The country’s biggest tour operator, TUI, recorded a four percent increase in bookings for Greece in the current winter period and the coming summer, compared with the previous year. The second largest in turnover, Thomas Cook, said there is an increased demand for Greece which overcompensates for the drop in reservations for Turkey. All Tours said demand for Greece is “very good” for the summer and “good” for Spain. At the same time, the operator noted a decline in reservations for Turkey. The same is true for DER Touristik, which said bookings for Greece have doubled compared to 2016, with a simultaneous rise in demand for countries of the Western Mediterranean. It also said demand for Egypt returned for the upcoming season. ANA-MPA Photo