Saturday, October 17, 2015


A post at Tía-Bonita Blog March 29, 2010. It's about coffee today and am very pleased that the grocery in walking distance carries my brand . . . Dallmayr. A visit to the Dallmayr store in Munich is a sensory experience -- a kind of Dean & Deluca of Germany. You walk into the Dallmayr store and a blast of fragrance hits you and you're immediately drawn into the gourmet of all specialties -- especially those folks preparing for the holidays. Although, despite its sensational charm, it lacks the very essence of "gift exchange". An American walks into the store hoping to find a holiday basket as a gift, and there's next to none. If any, a small bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates, not even decorated, just product. A German walks into the store and darts for the cheese and dried meats showcase and is inundated by crowds of people wearing heavy obtrusive clothing and sassy handbags -- the who's who of Munich, which could be interesting, although not imminently. It takes a good couple of minutes for the American to settle into the Dallmayr culture and not feel annoyed. You tour the store, you wait elbow-to-elbow with guests, you order, you've finally got your Dallmayr bags -- sans holiday baskets -- you're thinking * fine * you're moving towards the door, it's pouring rain outside, and you wonder, "would it be better if i stay and order a cappuccino"? Photo